Treehouse Presents...

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The Chimpions proudly present ‘Together We Stand’, a partnership with amazing artists to create small supply art editions that will elevate the artist community, empower collectors, and deepen the art / utility connection.

Each edition will be created by an iconic artist or project and will depict Chimpions standing together with allies against dark forces.

Artists will be compensated for their work, receive secondary royalties, expand their reach to new audiences, be featured in promotional threads, gain support for future auctions, and gain a new community of supporters in The Treehouse, the Chimpions’ art-focused Discord channels.

Collectors will have new opportunities to collect and enjoy art from their favorite artists. Each piece will also serve as an access card with multiple layers of utility which will welcome a wider range of NFT enthusiasts to explore each edition.

Read more about the vision for Together We Stand here or explore each edition below.